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Cirrus clouds

Cirrus clouds

Cirrus clouds are high cloud, in fact all cirrus types of clouds are high clouds. Cirrus clouds are wispy. When the sun shines on them they are the whitest clouds in the sky.


Tufty, wispy. very white and in layers.

Whats in a name?

Cirrus - a lock of hair.

How was it made?

Cirrus clouds are made from tiny crystals of ice. When dry air is pushed very high in the sky the dry air crystalises and this is why the shiny crystal laden clouds are so bright. 
Another way to make man made cirrus clouds is to fly a jet up high. The contrails from high altitude jets also add to the mix as the moisture rich vapour trails crystalise and form those white trails in the sky.

What weather will you have if these are overhead.

No need for your coat. Cirrus clouds cannot get you wet, they are so high that if they did form any precipitation then that would evapourate before it hit the ground. Cirrus clouds are indicative of an advancing warm front. 

How high is it?

They form anywhere from 5,000 - 15,000 m (15,000 - 50,000 ft)

Outcome for you.

Kick off your shoes, lay down and watch the high cirrus clouds slowly moving across the sunny sky occasionally added to by the passing jet planes.

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