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Naturally Relaxing

Beautiful Photographs

Both Stills & Movies Showing The Natural Environment and Nature

Its a passion that I have had for many years. A mixture of sunrise, sunset and weather related images along with waterfalls, rivers and some wildlife. Only now have I had the time to curate the images and get the most enjoyment from processing the videos into all their forms. 

Sunrise and Sunset

Beginning & Ending The Day With Colour.

It is invigurating to watch the sun rise over the horizon and wonder what the new day will bring, then at the end of work I love to walk down to the river or climb a hill and watch the day end sometimes with the most spectacular displays of colour.

Clouds With Silver Linings

A Never Ending Always Changing Sky.

Watching the clouds go by is so relaxing. It seems to melt away stress and tension. I really hope the videos of the clouds will be fun and enjoyable. That they will help bring the relaxing calm into your day.

Always A Surprise

Nature Has An Abundance Of Creativity.

Never a day goes by without nature and the environment showing me somethign new. Some amazing shape, colour or sometimes rapid change in the skyscape. And then when I come home to look through the images there are always a few that delight, that the camera caught but I missed.

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