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ASMR Sleep: The Best ASMR to Sleep To

ASMR Sleep: The Best ASMR to Sleep To

ASMR, also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is the process of response towards quiet sounds, such as whispering, movements and personal attention. The response is described as a deep sense of relaxation and scalp tingling.

Using ASMR to sleep

Using ASMR to sleep can have benefits from those who struggle with sleep or other sleep related disorders. The Sleep Foundation suggests 82% of people who use video or audio aids to help them sleep are using ASMR related videos, with bedtime being the most popular time in which these videos are listened to.

It is thought that ASMR activates parts of the brain that is associated with calming, sleep inducing hormones.

Ways to use ASMR to sleep

There are many different ways that it can be used in order to aid sleep. However, this will vary for everyone depending on the ways in which you prefer to listen. For some this can involve the following:

  • Headphones
  • Smartphone, TV or other forms of technology that provide audio/video
  • Speakers


Using headphones to experience ASMR is a personal choice that depends on the preference of listening. Although it doesn't require headphones, some people can make a connection between the audio and personal response. For example, sounds that are intended to be felt, such as personal attention videos, can be experienced better with headphones. Some find it harder to experience ASMR with poor audio, such as low quality speakers or other distracting noises.

Smart phone

Listening to ASMR videos on your smartphone is an easy and convenient way to have access to these types of videos and audio. You are able to find them on a plethora of social media platforms, such as Instagram or YouTube. In addition, it is easy to have this either playing out loud or you are able to connect your headphones for a more immersive experience. Note that long term listening, such as playing videos throughout the night can drain your phone battery.

Smart TV

Using a smart TV to listen to audio and video is another alternative. However, this may not be practical for everyone. Many do not have TV's in their bedroom, so if you are wanting to listen to them to sleep, it is not as easily accessible. The light from the TV may also prevent you from falling asleep as well as disrupting your sleep and preventing you from falling into a deep sleep.


Using speakers to listen to audio from ASMR videos is beneficial in the sense that it allows for easy listening. However, it can prevent an immersive experience.

Sleep Masks

Whichever way you use to listen to ASMR the sensation is often enhanced by the use of a mask to keep light and distractions out.

This affiliate link to a sleep mask will help you get the most from your ASMR experience, focusing your mind on the sound.

Best ASMR Videos to Sleep to

This really depends on your personal preferences and what type of videos you like to listen to. However, we have provided a list of sleep ASMR videos that are most popular on YouTube.

Fastest ASMR/Dentist, Eye, Cranial Nerve, Sleep Clinic, Lice, Ear Exam, Ear Cleaning, Make up, Spa!

This video is part of the personal attention ASMR videos and features immersive experiences that relate to medical exams. This video has earned over 35 million views and the channel, Gibi ASMR has 3.9 million followers (2022).

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

[ASMR] Sleep Recovery - 3 Hours of Hair Treatments

This video is three hours long and another creation that would fall under the personal attention category. It features a hair cut and other hair treatments, such as a scalp check, shampoos and hair washes. It was created by Tingting ASMR and has gained over 30 million views (2022), making it a very popular video to sleep to.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR 100 Triggers To Help You Sleep (4 Hours)

This video can be a useful source to finding what videos are best for you. It features 100 possible triggers for you to explore that may help you to fall asleep. It has gained over 28 million views and ASMR Darling has over 2 and a half million views (2022).

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR Guaranteed Tingles 99.9% of You Will Sleep/3 Hr (No Talking)

This video features tapping, scratching, mic tapping, plastic wrap, shaving cream, brushing and more. It is intended to encourage tingling feelings and allow you to fall asleep. This video also features no talking so it will not disrupt your sleep. It has gained over 17 million views (2022) and the creator, Coromo Sara. ASMR, has 1 million subscribers.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

99.9% of You Will Sleep to this ASMR Video

This video features both kinds of whispering and movements that create sounds using the high definition microphone. It has a dark background that removes the notion of videos and bright lights keeping you awake at night. The video is advertised as improving your chances of sleep. This video was created by DennisASMR.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR Best Triggers for Sleep 3Hr (No Talking)

This video features an array of gentle and slow triggers that are aimed at encouraging sleep and relaxation. It mostly features movements in the form of tapping, scratching, tracing, crinkles, sticky sounds and others. It is three hours long, which makes it a great video to fall asleep to. It is a creation of ASMR Bakery.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR Sleep & Relaxation Treatment

This video is designed to help you get a well rested sleep. The creator, Gibi ASMR, has stated that the first half of the video was designed to achieve comfort, with the latter part of the video triggers the senses that help us to fall asleep.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR Sleep Time - No Talking Triggers for Sleep & Relaxation (Scratching, Tapping, Crinkling)

This ASMR video is intended to help you sleep, relax and calm down. The creator, StacyAster, states that this does also have alternative uses, such as study, rest and meditation. It is a popular video as it has gained over 14 million views (2022). The video is three hours long and this makes it great for falling asleep and winding down in the evening.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR Sleep Recovery - 25+ Triggers No Talking

Calming and relaxing videos can make it easier to fall asleep. A lot of ASMR videos will feature relaxing and calming sounds. The triggers featured in this video are soft and gentle in order to help you fall asleep. This video has gained 12 million views and it is popular in terms of sleeping videos. This video is another creation by StacyAster.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

ASMR The Ultimate Ear Massage For Deep Sleep - ASMR No Talking

This is another video that was made by StacyAster, and involves personal attention in the form of a deep ear massage that can trigger sleep. It has 11 million views (2022) and is among some of the channels popular videos.

Click here if you are interested in this video that features ASMR to sleep.

Is falling asleep to ASMR bad?

For some, the idea of falling asleep to a video is useful, but others may have their reservations about giving it a try. The best thing is that if you are wanting to try ASMR videos then there is no risk involved at all when trying. There may be disadvantages, such as reduced and broken sleep, but if that is the case you can turn the video off and resume your normal routine.

Many people are not aware that they respond to ASMR, but finding out if you do can be extremely beneficial and it may provide you with the methods you need in order to fall asleep. However, if it does not help you to fall asleep, it may help you to calm down and relax which can cause you to sleep much better.

Another concern, although minor, may be that you develop a dependence on ASMR in order to sleep. This means that in places and spaces where you do not have access to these videos, it may be incredibly hard for you to fall asleep. However, with the abovementioned devices used to listen to these types of videos, it makes them easily accessible. An alternative is to listen to these on your smart phone.

If you are wanting to use ASMR at night, then consider what length of video you are intending to watch. A shorter video is useful for those who are wanting to drift off to sleep and then allow the video to stop playing. This can preserve the battery of your smart phone or other devices. However, shorter videos may wake you during the night, especially if you are a light sleeper. In this instance, a longer video may be more beneficial. You can start the video when you sleep and then turn it off when you wake.

What is the best ASMR to sleep to?

Again, this is down to individual perception. However, Glamour have suggested that some of the best types of ASMR to fall asleep to are those that contain elements of soft sounds, such as gentle tapping, hair brushing and whispering. This is because the sounds are more inclined to help you fall asleep as opposed to loud sounds.

Some other recommendations are those that feature no talking, this can become distracting have the opposite effect and actually keep you awake. However, a gentle whisper could be a happy medium. 

With that being said, some people may prefer different noises in order to block out distractions such as neighbours, traffic or simply to fill the quiet. These people may also enjoy the sound of people talking and this can encourage them to fall asleep.

ASMR and Mental Health

If your struggle with sleep that stems from struggles that you may face in terms of mental health, such as anxiety and depression, then using ASMR that is aimed towards the lowering of anxiety, stress and other forms of mental health can be extremely beneficial for your sleeping routine. By lowering your anxieties and others before bed, it can have a second hand impact upon your ability to fall asleep.

ASMR is the third most popular term that has been searched on YouTube and it has been used widely to treat or calm mental health symptoms. Healthline suggests that there is evidence that watching ASMR videos can slow heart rates, that then leads to a calmer state of mind. The best way in order to find out what your triggers are is to sit and watch the videos and listen to the bodies response towards the video.

Some triggers may be:

Audio Triggers

  • Whispering - This involves whispering into a microphone, often headphones are worn in order to listen to this type of ASMR
  • Tapping - This involves tapping objects or against objects
  • Writing - This involves the process of writing against certain textures, such as paper, card and whiteboards
  • Personal attention - This involves the process of imitating personal attention procedures, such as dentist visits, doctors visits and eye appointments

Visual Triggers

  • Brush Strokes - This involves stroking a microphone with a brush and responding to the visual image
  • Hair Brushing - This involves a visual of hair brushing
  • Slime - This includes a video playing with slime that can also create a visual trigger
  • Soap cutting - Videos that include the visual of cutting soap
  • Personal attention - Personal attention videos are also a form of visual triggers if the video contains a visual image of what is happening
  • Mixing Paint - Videos that contain the mixing of paint and other substances, such as slime, soap and chalk

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