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The sound of waterfalls can help you to sleep

The sound of waterfalls can help you to sleep

Do you need help to relax and sleep?

Then the sound you need is constant. A sound that is not constantly changing tempo or volume but is predictable and constant can aid sleep. Such sounds, because of their predictable nature, aid relaxation. White noise, the sound of an untuned radio, fits the bill logically, but to sleep to this is not easy. Science suggests that pink noise is better to sleep to, but where can you get pink noise? Nature has the answer. The sound of a waterfall, Its constant random repetition, is predictable enough not to spike anxiety levels and random enough to keep your attention to try and stop intrusive thoughts.

Let us explore the best ways to help you relax and sleep using waterfalls.

Waterfalls are not just a sound that is pleasing to the ear. The sound of a waterfall is calming and repetitive, random but reassuring. Waterfalls are also visually soothing and mesmerising, yet keeping the attention but not stimulating the interest too much.

Can the sound of a waterfall help you get a better night's sleep?

When you are asleep, your brain continues to process sound. This sound processing is an essential safety mechanism leftover from early human evolution.
Different sounds will affect the brain, with your senses listening out for warning sounds that could indicate a predator or danger.
Some sounds, the noise of a speeding motorbike or car, are stimulating. The sound of a dog barking, a fox or a child crying can also stimulate your brain.  Such agitating sounds will disturb your sleep but avoiding sleep disruption noises is not always easy to do.

Other natural sounds can relax your brain and help you to get better sleep. 
Let us classify the sounds that help you to sleep as noise sleep aids. They are the sort of background sounds that your brain expects to hear while it turns its attention to processing the day and using the sleep period to repair and renew for the day ahead.

Pink is the colour when it comes to noise that can aid sleep. Studies carried out in various sleep labs show that while a quiet environment can induce sleep, you will have a better level of sleep if exposed to pink noise. Other claims from studies are that the deep sleep produced when pink noise is the background noise leaves the subject feeling fresher. 

If you find trouble focusing on more than just sound, why not use an eye mask? Such as the one in the affiliate link.

Natures own natural relaxation tools.

When it comes to sources of sound to help you sleep, waterfalls fit the bill. They are a constant rolling sound with little additional sounds overlaying then, such as the individual splashes and drips of water as it hits the rocks as it makes its way down.

The soundscapes I record are all of natures sounds. We have evolved for thousands of years alongside these sounds, and only in the last few hundred years have the sounds our ears are familiar with have changed to a more industrial, artificial mechanical soundscape.

To avoid the background sounds that could become a problem, I usually record these in the early morning hours as the dawn chorus of birds is starting to make an appearance. Making sure the bird sounds are very much in the background when making a video to aid sleep. I endeavour to capture different waterfall sounds with varying intensities so that you get a choice of which to listen to and enjoy.

Everyone is different. You will respond to sounds individually, so choosing and experimenting with the sounds is essential to find the right one for you.

I have a few waterfalls, small waterfalls with lots of white noise, and ones in greener settings to relax and calm you.

My playlist here, naturally relaxing waterfalls in my relax and sleep YouTube channel with many different waterfalls that will help you get that good night's sleep. Enjoy!



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