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How to Burn Fat Fast: Foods That Burn Fat and Burn Fat Exercise

How to Burn Fat Fast: Foods That Burn Fat and Burn Fat Exercise

If you are looking for some simple ways to burn fat, this article has accumulated the various ways in which you are able to safely to do through a means of foods that burn fat and fat burning exercises to conclude the fastest way to burn fat.

Foods That Burn Fat

Eating foods that help you to boost your metabolic rate can in turn help you to loose body fat. There are various foods that are known to naturally increase your metabolic rate without the need for potentially dangerous supplements.


You're probably thinking that coffee, with its high caffeine volume, would be great for giving energy. You're not wrong, but it also has a great foundation of other benefits. Healthline suggests that it helps you to burn fat. They state that if you drink caffeine at least an hour before you exercise, you are more likely to burn twice as much fat. You may even be able to exercise for longer than normal, thus burning even more fat.

Please not that over using this method can lead to negative effects such as anxiety and insomnia. Healthline suggests drinking no more than 4 cups a day, depending on the strength of the coffee.


Often described as a nutritional powerhouse, eggs provide you with a great start to the day. Healthline suggests that including eggs in your breakfast is a great way to ensure your hunger is reduced and you remain full until your next meal. This stops you from picking in between meals and keeping you fuller for longer.

They contain high levels of protein which increase metabolic rate by 20-35% for the hours following after they have been eaten. It is recommended that eating three eggs several times a week will help you to burn fat.

Green Tea

We have another article on the benefits of green tea, but it is a great choice for its health benefits. It provides you with caffeine, so if you're not a fan of coffee, it can provide a great alternative. It contains antioxidants which encourage fat burning.

Full-Fat Greek Yoghurt

This is another food that can be considered a nutritional powerhouse. It has high levels of protein, potassium and calcium, helping to contribute to fat loss and protecting the muscle during this process. 


Salmon is a great source of protein which can aid the process of fat burning. It is full of omega three and this fatty acid is good for reducing inflammation and encouraging the process of burning body fat. This makes it a particularly good food for weight loss. Fatty fish in general is the perfect food that burns fat. 


This often referred to as the best food for fat burning and thus weight loss. This is promoted by its high levels of calcium that encourage weight loss. In order to get the most nutrition out of this food, steaming broccoli is the best method to ensure that you get the full benefits out of broccoli.


Although avocados are fairly high in calories, when they are part of a healthy, potentially calorie controlled diet, then they can have great influence on your journey to fat burning and weight loss. Much like eggs, Good to Know suggests that eating avocado for breakfast can leave you feeling fuller for longer and cut out the snaking in between meals.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a slow carb, which means that they are digested slowly, allowing you to feel fuller for much longer. In addition, they also leave you feeling more energised allowing you to burn more fat through exercise. Research has suggested that they can shrink fat cells.


Type of Nut Benefits
Almonds Almonds are extremely high in protein, antioxidants and healthy fats. Research suggests that eating 3-5 almonds each day can contribute to greater weight loss and a higher metabolism
Brazil Nuts These nuts are great for your metabolism and hold a big variety of nutrients that help you to burn fat more easily. They have high levels of fibre and protein
Cashews Cashews contain magnesium, which in turn help to metabolise fats and carbs, which can help you to burn fat quicker
Walnuts Walnuts are full of healthy fats and this makes them great for weight loss by aiding the controlment of your appetite
Pistachios They have high levels of protein, which cut cravings and they can provide you will a feeling of fullness

Nuts are a great source of protein which makes them a fantastic food that burns fat. The main reason these promote weight loss is due to their ability to make you feel full and thus reduce the quantity you eat daily. You only need a small amount to reap the benefits.


Spinach is great for burning fat and weight loss because large quantities are very few calories. It is suggested that one cup of spinach is only 7 calories. It is one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables, with protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A all being found. This vegetable promotes digestion and the fibre helps to maintain a healthy gut, leaving you fuller for longer.

Burn Fat Exercise - How best to burn fat through exercise

Exercise is the most beneficial way to lose weight and burn fat. There are various methods of exercise that target fat burning more than others. If you are looking to burn fat, then try these simple exercises.


Walking is an easy, sometimes relaxing, method of exercise that does not need to be intense. It is great for weight loss and its perfect for those who are just starting their journey into burning fat. You are able to do this without much planning, it does not require equipment and can be the less strenuous activity out of them all.


Much like walking, running is an activity that is easy to access. This is a good method for burning belly fat in particular. If you have started your journey with walking, running is a great way to move onto the next method of exercise to burn fat.


Swimming has a plethora of health benefits and is a great, fun way to use every part of your body during exercise. If you are a beginner, swimming is easy on your joints and does not have to be a strenuous activity. If you have had previous injuries or if you suffer from joint pain, swimming can be a great way for you to engage in exercise without pain.

The downside to this exercise is that it may not be as easily accessible in comparison to the previous two exercises, however, there are many gym memberships that include the use of a pool.


This method of exercise may not be as easily accessible as the others and does require equipment, such as a bicycle, a helmet and riding clothes. However, you are able to join a gym and use a stationary bike, which reaps that same benefits. You will also be able to do this at any time (in term with the gym opening times) and in any weather as you will be inside.

It is suggested that people who cycle regularly have a better level of fitness overall and its great for beginners and experienced individuals.


Yoga is not the most beneficial method of exercise in terms of weight loss, but it does burn fat. It is suggested that yoga can improve your metabolism and therefore increase your chances of weight loss. Note that all kinds of yoga will hold the potential to burn fat.


If you are looking to burn fat and lose weight, then weight training is a great way to do so. It can be helpful to burn calories and this is something you are able to do from home by purchasing a set of weights.

Alternatively, a gym membership will allow you to use weights as well as having access to the other equipment that will aid the exercises outlined in this article.

Burn fat exercises at home

As well using the abovementioned exercises, there are various exercises that you can do at home with no equipment.


A burpee can be quite an intense work out, but it is performed by doing a push up that is followed by a jumping squat. It works your core, upper body and your legs with each burpee. They can be hard, but you will definitely feel the benefits if you are able to incorporate this workout into your fat burning routine.

Plank and Leg Raise

This is a great exercise for burning the fat around your outer thighs. Start in the traditional planking position and keep your abs engaged as you raise your legs alternatively off the floor. Pause between each leg and feel the effects of the stretch.

Jumping Jacks

This is a great cardio exercise and a way to get your heart rate up quickly and therefore burn fat. It can be used for an in between exercise that joins the harder more intense workouts together.

Jumping Lunges

Jumping lunges are quite a hard exercise to do, but it is great for burning fat. Stand with one leg forward and hold your arms ready with them bent at 90 degrees. Put one arm in front of your body and bring the other arm back, alternate between arms and legs. If your left leg is leading, your right arm should be in front.

Jumping Squats

This is a very challenging exercise but can be great for burning fat at home. It works your legs and your core and you will definitely feel the effects of this workout.

Burning fat heart rate zone

The fat burning zone occurs when you are working out at 70-80% of your heart rate. When we exercise, we need more energy which is why our hearts beat faster to send more oxygen out around the body. To work out the heart rate zone, Healthline have supplied the following example:

If your maximum heart rate is 185 beats per minute. To enter the fat burning zone, you would want your heart rate to be 70-80% of 185, which is around 130 beats per minute. The idea is that when you are exercising at this level, your body will use fat stores for energy instead of sugars and carbs which leads to a higher fat loss.

How to burn fat fast

If you are looking to burn fat fast, it is always best to do this in a sustainable and healthy way. If the process is rushed and not done properly, you are more than likely to gain the weight and fat back over time as quick methods are not always sustainable long term.


Incorporating exercise into your routine is a great way to effectively burn fat. The above listed exercises are a great way you can ensure to receive the maximum benefit out of your workouts. WebMD suggest that you should aim for three hours of exercise a week at a moderate work level. Increasing your level of cardio is a faster way to increase your fat burning.

Healthy Diet

Foods that are high in protein encourage you to feel fuller for longer and increase fat burning. You are less likely to become obese if you have a high protein diet. If you can incorporate the abovementioned foods regularly into your diet then they can aid the process of fat burning.

Eating more healthy fats are suggested as a way to prevent weight gain. 

Regular sleep pattern

Ensuring a regular sleep pattern is associated with an increase in weight loss. If you're getting enough sleep then your appetite and hunger levels are more than likely going to be reduced. Getting enough sleep is also vital to having enough energy to exercise and cook yourself a healthy nutritious meal instead of favouring unhealthy on the go takeaways. Additionally, if you are up for longer, you are more likely to eat more food throughout the day.

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