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Workouts to Lose Belly Fat and Workouts for Kids

Workouts to Lose Belly Fat and Workouts for Kids

A workout is defined as a session of healthy physical exercise or training. This can come in many different forms such as swimming, cycling, running and other forms of sports and/or exercise.

To eliminate body fat, you need to ensure that you are consuming the right amount of daily calories and that you are getting enough exercise to burn calories too.

Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

Having excess belly fat is a confidence issue that quite a few people are wanting to work on. This can be due to health reasons or low levels of confidence. Whilst a healthy diet and regular exercise should be enough to decrease the fat that surrounds the stomach area, you may be wanting to find some workouts that target belly fat in particular. Whilst you can't get a specific workout design to reduce belly fat, you are able to choose workouts that cause a loss of body fat, some of which will come from your belly.

Below, we have outlined some of the best workouts to lose belly fat.


Walking is a great way to burn fat around the stomach area. Most forms of cardio are great for this. Regular short walks of thirty minutes are thought to be enough to reduce the fat around the belly and aid your metabolism. To increase this further, you may decide to take a jog or a run instead. The great thing about this is that you will also burn fat in other areas of the body simultaneously as it works multiple parts of the body.


Where you can, try to increase the amount of cycling that you do. This doesn't have to be done in the form of physical cycling and can be done on cycling machines at the gym or an at home machine. This helps to burn fat around your waist and it also burns fat on your legs. Make this as regular as you can and you will definitely be able to see the effects.


This is most likely the most effective workout to lose belly fat. It can be hard work, but the results will be worth it. This workout can be done by laying on your back and placing both of your hands behind your head. Ensure that your knees are bent and your feet and placed firmly on the ground. Alternatively place your hands crossed and over your chest. Gently lift your torso off the floor and hold the position for a few seconds before lowering yourself back to the floor. Repeat as sets. Do not over do it.


Dancing or Zumba is a fun way to workout and lose belly fat. It is a different method to just your average workout. Adding these to your regular workouts can be a great way to start burning belly fat. On average, women are most likely to burn around 9 and a half calories per minute through Zumba and other dance based forms of fitness.


Planks are a great total body workout for it burns calories and can work multiple muscles at once. Most of the strength to do this comes from the core part of the body, meaning that it can help to burn fat around that area as well as work to strengthen your abdomen, improve your posture and enhance your flexibility.

Aim for a 60 second plank, but note that this is something you are able to work up to if you find this difficult.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts or leg raises as they can commonly be referred to are another great form of workout to lose belly fat. They are great for your abs and helping to strengthen your core. You can lose belly fat by adding this workout to your regular workout routine. Doing leg lifts isolates the rectus abdominis, helping to tone your stomach.

Workouts To Lose Belly Fat - Workouts on YouTube

Using YouTube workouts can be incredibly helpful. If you do not have access to a gym or other methods of exercise, they can help you to have immediate access to workout videos.

1.0 Mile Happy Walk / Walk at Home / Walking Workout by Walk at Home by Lesli Sansone

This is a really motivating video, instructed by an upbeat and positive instructor. You are guided through an at home walking workout that allows you to get the most out of your time. It keeps you moving and gives you a different walking experience to provide a great workout.

Beginner Hip Hop Indoor Cycling Class / 20 Minute by Kaleigh Cohen Cycling

This video works with a stationary bike machine, but is perfect to take to the gym in order to enhance your workout. Better yet, if you have an at home machine, it provides the perfect way to make the most out of your equipment. It features a 20 minute session.

Ab Crunch Challenge (7 Minutes!) by Holly Dolke

This is a challenge that is perfect for burning belly fat. It features a series of different crunches, such as:

  • Frog crunches
  • Altered crunches
  • Bicycles
  • Modified crunch with tap
  • Reverse crunch
  • Star crunch

Note that this is a challenge and it is meant to be intense, but Holly Dolke notes that you can only do what you can and ensure that you pause the video if you need to.

7 Day Challenge 7 Minute Workout to Lose Belly Fat - Home Workout to Lose Inches by Lucy Wyndham-Read

This video features a 7 minute workout that is done daily for 7 days. The concept is that you will move your way through each of the workouts that are within the video. Lucy will talk you through each workout and tell you how long each needs to be completed. In addition, you will also be shown a guide on how to do each workout.

It has gained a massive 118 million views, making it one of the most popular workout videos that focuses on the loss of belly fat.

10 Min Beginner Ab Workout // No Equipment by Pamela Reif

This YouTuber often creates intense ab workouts, but has designed this much less intense 10 minute workout that is designed to work your abs. It is suitable for beginners, but still remains effective. The video includes breaks and does not require any equipment necessary to carry out the routine.

The creator recommends changing up your workouts in order to give your body time to recover from the previous workout. Be sure to check out the description box of this video where you can find links to other workouts for beginners, such as 20 minute full body workouts and a 10 minute cool down routine.

30 minute fat burning home workout for beginners. Achievable, low impact results by Body Project

This video is advertised as a workout that is part of a real workout plan that is made for real people. It provides realistic goals and each workout that is shown in this video is low impact, but remains effective for your weight loss.

Body Project are a great channel that you can benefit from subscribing to. They provide lots of videos on workouts and they show people of all difference shapes, sizes and genders completing the workouts. They are diverse and cater for each body type.

Girl in the Mirror / Zumba / Dance Fitness / Live Love Party by LiveLoveParty.TV

This is a short video, lasting only 3 minutes, but it is effective. You can choose a couple of the videos that are listed under this channel and use those as your daily workout. It mixes fun with working out and provides something different in replacement of the often boring and monotonous workouts.

This type of workout doesn't just work your belly, it targets all areas of the body.

9 Min Crunches For A Flat Stomach by Roberta's Gym

This is an interesting video in the sense that the instructor who is showing you these exercises are performed by an animated woman. With that being said, the channel has over 4 million subscribers (2022) suggesting that their content is enjoyed and effective.

This video walks you through different types of crunches and shows you how to do each one. You are able to follow the indicators given to successfully perform your routine.

Best Plank Workout For Smaller Waist, Flat Abs & Full Body Fat Burn! 10 Variations by Emi Wong

This video features variations of the plank to work the most effective methods of using the plank as a workout. It features workouts such as the single leg plank, the single arm plank and the plank jacks. It has gained over 25 million views (2022) making it a must try for those who are looking for workouts to burn belly fat.

5-Minute Standing Flat-Belly Workout / Class FitSugar by POPSUGAR Fitness

This five minute workout video is great for targeting your entire body. It does pull close attention to your belly, but the rest of your body can benefit from it too. You can remain standing throughout the workout and still work your abs.

If you are interested in checking out the rest of the videos on their channel, they have videos that feature fitness tutorials, workouts and exercises that can be the perfect guide to helping you reach your goal of achieving a healthy and active lifestyle.

YouTube Workout Videos for Kids

If you are wanting to get involved in workouts, but you have children, a great way to be able to complete you workout routine is to get them involved with their own. Keeping your child fit has great benefits for both their physical and mental development. YouTube workout videos for kids are the perfect way to encourage them to keep fit. They're fun, effective and can be completed alongside your own workouts.

9 Min Exercise For Kids - Home Workout by Little Sports

This video is a great way to introduce your children into exercise. It is nine minutes long, which is the perfect time for keeping your kids engaged. It is perfect to keep them active at home and to encourage them to keep moving and build their muscles. The video includes exercises such as jumping jacks and side bends.

Subscribe to their channel to watch their other kid friendly workouts.

Kids Exercise - Kids Workout at Home by Roberta's Gym

This video has gained over 14 million views (2022) and features an animated instructor showing how to perform the exercises. Note that this video may not necessarily engage your child, but it does provide a great workout for them to do at home. It can improve their flexibility, muscle strength, burn body fat and boost their metabolism.

8 Minute Kids Workout With Spiderman by The Body Coach TV

This is a great workout for your kids. The incorporation of Spiderman and him being the one who performs the exercises encourages your kids to take part, especially if they love Spiderman. It is a great way to coach them into workouts at home.

The channel features workouts for kids. Check them out!

Ninja Now 2 Workout (Mutations) - Save The World by PE Bowman

This video is a fantastic way to encourage your children to participate in exercise. It features a simulation that places the kids in the same position as the ninja in the video and encourages them to help 'save the world'. They have to duck, kick and punch their way through the stages to saving the world.

The channel is relatively new (2022) but they do feature some videos similar to the one listed above.

15 Minute Kid-Friendly HIIT Workout [Ages 5+] by Juice & Toya

This is a great workout for both you and your kids. It is friendly for them and it features two adults and two children within the video. It features 15 minutes of HIIT workouts. They are a fun, full body workout and it can help to build strength and fitness.

They have modified common workouts such as push-ups, shoulder taps and mountain climbers. They have done this so that they are easier for the kids to be able to do. You are able to do the typical exercise whilst your kids can do the modified version.

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