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Children's Music on YouTube: Nursery Rhymes, Christmas and Sleeping

Children's Music on YouTube: Nursery Rhymes, Christmas and Sleeping

Music is incredibly important for so many people and research suggests that it should be just as important for our children.

Music for children has long been held as a form of both entertainment and education about their culture, other cultures and facts. In most songs, there is an intention of a lesson to be taught that provides a deeper understanding for the child.

Music created for children has been around for as long as recorded music has been established. They have long been universal in human society and can form different patterns, such as rhymes, action songs, games, education and entertainment.

For many of us, children's songs are a great way to keep our children entertained, whilst providing them with a beneficial outcome. We have created a list of children's music on YouTube that is both entertaining and educational.

Children's Music on YouTube

YouTube creates easy access to a wide range of videos that are at our disposal. With the right equipment, we can showcase them to our children as soon as we find them.

Incy Wincy Spider and More Nursery Rhymes for Children!/Children Songs/Toddler Fun Learning

This video features half an hour of children's nursery rhymes that keep them active and moving. The songs feature moves in which they can follow to keep them entertained. The channel, Toddler Fun Learning has over 2.5 million subscribers (2022) and has produced this video gaining over 14 million views.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Johny Johny Yes Papa - THE BEST Song for Children / LooLoo Kids

This is a massively popular video and has gotten over 6 billion views (2022). The song is accompanied by a visual that is arguably controversial. It shows a young animated child eating sugar and being caught by his papa. After being asked if he is eating sugar, his father encourages him not to lie. The indicant repeats itself and the child does in fact take the sugar. Whilst this appears to encourage the child to lie, it does teach children not to do so.

Watch this video before showing it to your child and decide whether you wish to show them this type of video. It is catchy and provides them with an easy recognisable rhythm. It does also show a relationship between a baby and a father which can showcase positive relationships.

Note that a lot of other nursery rhymes come from controversial backgrounds. This video was created by LooLoo Kids - Nursery Thymes and Children's Songs.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Phonics Song with Two Words - A for Apple - ABC Alphabet Songs with Sounds for Children

This four-minute video is a great educational piece that has gained over 4 billion views (2022). Created by ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, this song offers a walkthrough of the alphabet and gives them an animal or item as a reference. For each letter, it will show them how to pronounce the letter.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Baby Shark Dance / #babyshark Most Viewed Video / Animal Songs / PINKFONG Songs for Children

If you have children, you are probably already familiar with this song. It is the most viewed video on YouTube with a whopping 10 billion views (2022). It features hand movements that encourage the child to participate along with a catchy and recognisable tune. It teaches children about family members and one of the ways in which a family can look.

It was created by Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Love is Love - LGBT+ Pride Song for Kids / Hopster

This video is great for children who are in a household that differs from the traditional one mother and one father setting quite often shown in children's videos. It provides knowledge on a variety of different possibilities such as single parents, grandparents raising children and same-sex parents. It is a great video for teaching your children that not all families will look the same and they can come in many different shapes and sizes.

This video was created by Hospter.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

This Is The Way / Kids Songs / Super Simple Songs

This video has over 2 billion views (2022) and teaches children the way they can complete tasks, such as:

  • washing their face
  • combing their hair
  • brushing their teeth
  • getting dressed
  • going to school

It can be very educational and it follows a familiar rhyme tune, making it easily recognisable to your child. It was made by Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Islamic Songs for Kids / Loving Orphans / Omar & Hana

This is a great song that teaches kids both about religion and orphans. For orphans, it provides them with a rhyme that is familiar to them and it can be extremely important to see that their home situation is reflected elsewhere. It can improve confidence and music can make us more resilient as we start to understand musical language.

This video was created by Omar & Hana - Lagu Kanak-Kanak Islam.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It)

This creation, by Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs, is a really great video for a matter of reasons. Firstly, the video features a young disabled child using a wheelchair who is involved in the actions of the song. This shows children who may also be in a wheelchair themselves the actions that they are able to do in order to be included in the song, making it so much more inclusive.

Secondly, the video encourages children to become involved in the actions expressed in the video, all the while teaching them of different parts of the body.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music on YouTube.

Children's Music Christmas Songs

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially for children. Christmas is often filled with songs and carols, so why not encourage your children to get involved with their own Christmas songs.

Christmas Songs for Children / CoComelon

Cocomelon has become increasingly popular and this particular video has gained over 140 million views (2022). It contains half an hour of kids Christmas music and features a compilation of their Christmas videos. The channel itself has gained over 128 million subscribers (2022) and it's named Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music Christmas Songs.

Five Little Elves / + More Christmas Songs for Kids / Super Simple Songs

Another creation of Super Simple Songs - Kids Songs, this video features a compilation of Christmas songs for children such as "Five Little Elves", "Hello Reindeer, Goodbye Snowman", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and plenty more. It also showcases entertaining imagery alongside the video.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music Christmas Songs.

Jingle Bells / Christmas Songs / Nursery Rhymes Videos and Cartoons by Little Treehouse

Created by Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs, this video is just over an hour long and provides a great collection of kids Christmas songs that are great for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours and more. The channel also provides an extensive list of compilations that also aid the learning process.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music for Christmas Songs.

Jingle Bells - Christmas Songs for Kids / Baby Nursery Rhymes / Little Baby Bum

Getting over 149 million views (2022) this video, created by Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, contains a huge list of Christmas songs. Most of them are a play on common Christmas songs but modified to suit the vision of a child.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music for Christmas Songs.

Children's Music for Sleeping

Music to lull children to sleep is more commonly referred to as a lullaby. They are scientifically proven to aid children and babies in the process of falling asleep. They can also stimulate language and cognitive development as well as strengthen the emotional bond between a parent and their child. The following videos contain children's music for sleeping.

Bedtime Lullabies and Calming Undersea Animation: Baby Lullaby

This is a popular music video to aid sleep as it takes the stereotypical video of an under the water calming scene and combines it with a peaceful animated underwater display. There are also animated animals such as fish. This video was created by 321 Relaxing - Meditation Relax Clips.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music for sleeping.

Sleep Music for Kids - Nursery Rhymes Music

Baby Relax Channel has created a three-hour video that acknowledges the benefits of children and music. It promotes nighttime comfort, improves sleep quality and can aid child brain development. A three-hour video provides a good length in order to help your child fall to sleep.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music for sleeping.

Lullabies For Kids - Sleep Baby + More Nursery Rhymes for Kids / Little Baby Bum

This is another creation of Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs. It has gathered over 15 million views, becoming a popular video for nighttime sleep aids centred towards children.

Click here if you are interested in Children's music for sleeping.

The Benefits of Music for Children

Music can have a huge impact on children and there are so many benefits that are shown to be true through the lesson of music for children. We have outlined some of the known benefits of encouraging your children to listen to music.

Brain Development

Kids music has proven to show that language portrayed through music has a bigger impact on a child's mental development. Kumon states that children who studied music alongside other subjects actually performed better in general tests and achieved higher grades at school. Research has proven that music develops the left side of the brain which processes language and reasoning.


For kids, music can be an amazing source of entertainment and if they are learning in the process, it makes it all that much more beneficial. It provides them with a hobby if they are encouraged to learn an instrument, giving them a positive focus.

Low-Stress Levels and Higher Levels of Focus

Learning how to play an instrument as well as actually knowing how requires high levels of focus and then it can teach your child how to learn patience and practice the art of focusing. Listening to music can also be a great stress reliever, calming down a child and showing them that they have to a way to calm their own mind.


For many kids, music can be a way to help them express themselves. With it comes the ability to write songs and understand rhythms that can encourage them to manage feelings that they might be experiencing. Music is arguably another form of language in which they can learn to further express themselves.

Improve Social Skills

Kids music can improve their social skills through the ability of instruments being played together. Quite often, music groups and clubs will be offered to young children and here they will be able to find people who, like them, are learning to play music. This can encourage them to further pursue friendships and use music as a way of communication.


With learning something new comes confidence, especially if we become good at it. Encouraging your child to learn a new instrument can help them to gain self-confidence. If they set themselves a goal and they are able to achieve it this can cause a high increase in their self-confidence. In addition, knowing how to play an instrument is a great accomplishment.


Learning something new is always difficult, but determination can cause us to keep trying until we succeed. Kids learning music is a great way to build on their resilience and whilst it can be challenging, it is these moments that will teach a child how to pursue something even if it is difficult.

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